Finally, it’s Halloween, a holiday that induces fear and candy for one and all. The best part about the Halloween season, besides pumpkin carving and treat-or-treating, is a good old fashion HAUNTED HOUSE! Walking through a pitch black hallway with your friends or lovers close by, when WHAM! A loud noise startles you, then FLASH! A GIANT MONSTER POPS UP AND SCARES YOU! It’s a great feeling when you get out laughing cause you are so out of breath from screaming. So, we asked our GAW ‘professionals’, “If you could building a Haunted House with three of your favorite gaming villains/monsters in, who would you choose and why?” Below are some of the spooky answers they came up with.


John BATnadio
Cheif Operating Officer/Streamer/Way-Too-Much-Candy Eater

Haunted Houses are great and there are plenty of great monsters and stuff to put in them from video games but this is literally so hard for me to answer. Mostly because I can only choose three of them. However, I will give it my best shot. Hopefully, they are scary enough and you don’t all think I’m just some pansy ass.

First – I would absolutely put in The Witch from the Left 4 Dead series. While her crying would most certainly give it away for many of us, it might put many of us off our guard at first. I don’t know how many times though I’ve mistakingly woke her up and have her come screaming at me as I backed away crying and cursing a lot!

Second – This one, still to this day, still sends shivers down my spine. The first Amnesia game introduced us to, the Gatherers, and I for one never stopped being afraid of them. They are most creepy in my Haunted House because, just like in the game, you have no way of fighting back. It is all about running, hiding, and hoping you don’t accidentally run into them. The things a freaking scary looking too!

Third – For a final monster I really wanted something that was tough, brutal, and when you came across it you would probably sh*t yourself. I could have easily put in some creepy little kid thing or a mutant-baby-crawling-whatever, however, for me, there was nothing more annoying/terrifying than coming across a Deathclaw in Fallout 3/4. They are huge, mean, and deadly! Imagine making through a house being chased by a Witch, then being tortured insane by a Gatherer, and then coming face-to-face with a huge freaking Deathclaw?! I’m dead.

Christine MORBIDten
Senior Community Developer/Writer/Smollest of Blood-Sucking Birbs

I want to go on the record saying that as much as I love horror & thriller games, I am terrified of haunted houses.  I hate being ushered through small rooms in the dark with special effects making you think things are there that are not. I despise walking with something maybe waiting for me around every corner. There is just something about the physical aspects of haunted houses that set me into an anxiety attack.  So for me, picking the horrors that others may have to experience gives me a comfort…even childish glee. Maybe I’m messed up, or maybe I just found my calling?  Regardless, here are my haunted horrors picks:

First – With the release of the Outlast 2 bundle, I go to re-experience the mad scientist that is Richard Trager.  A former executive at the mental institution where he now resides, Trager is extremely intelligent and meticulous in his speech.  This allows him to trick others into trusting him and fall into his traps.  Once he has you, he’ll take your digits for sure; mutilating his victims to learn what makes them tick underneath the surface.  If that doesn’t scare you, the oversized scissors he carries around will once you get face to face.

Second – If children in horror games weren’t creepy enough, add the power to control your mind and actions and you’ve got a figure fit for the haunted house.  Eveline from Resident Evil 7 is a living bioweapon in the form of a child to make others feel bad for her so she can then “infect” them.  Once she claims her victims, they’re inhuman strength and violent tendencies make them just as terrifying as her. Add this to the fact that she can create extremely realistic visual and audio hallucinations like you’re ex-trying to kill you or dead children running around, and you’ll never want to encounter this little lady.  Did I mention that she can create black glob monsters from her puke?

Third – My last pick has to go to a monster that made me super uncomfortable, ‘The Keeper’ from The Evil Within.  A psychopath with a safe for a head, the monster is the personification of all of the antagonist’s rage and all of his secrets hidden away.  The Keeper carries his signature spiked hammer, which packs a punch, and is surprisingly fast for his size.  This paired with the fact that he can appear anywhere, once he breaks his own neck, makes him a shoo-in for a haunted house. Just make sure you don’t try to take his master’s secrets, and you should be fine?

Allen SCREAMders
Editorials & Reviews Manager/Consistent user of “I Promise the Blood is Fake” 

I literally can’t go to haunted houses. I got kicked out of 13 Floors for getting scared and hitting someone who grabbed me. To be fair, the lady at the end of the hallway was dressed very Grudge like and that is one of the only things that freaks me out so, to the dude who grabbed my shoulders while I was busy staring down Japanese horror, this was your fault. Also, I apologize for the bruised face.

First – Hands down I would throw in Laura from The Evil Within. She absolutely terrifying, often crawling around on multiple limbs at insanely fast speeds. Not to mention, when she isn’t near you she moves super slow and creepily while she just stares at you. The first time I saw her I screamed (it was totally a Manish scream) and dropped the controller. After a cacophony of swear words, I managed to grab the controller and book it out of there. Imagine how terrified people would be to see that sprinting up a hallway.

Second – If we could find a way to set them free without having an outbreak, the clickers from The Last of Us! They are supremely terrifying and seeing them sink their teeth in too little Ellie will haunt me always. Also seeing them makes me yelp me like a tiny animal. Maybe we could trap them and pull their teeth out, hopefully without some lame ass advocacy group trying to pull “cruelty-free treatment of infected” crap.

Third – Ashley from Resident Evil 4. She won’t be the main monster but she will follow the person around and occasionally yell out their name and request help. Over time it will drive them insane and they will begin clawing the walls in the desperate attempt to get away from her. God, I may just leave her in a dumpster somewhere after the third time of hearing “ALLEN! HEEEEEELP” forget the fact I was sent to Spain or wherever the hell to save her because she’s the President’s daughter.

Vanessa FANGnandez
Founder/CEO/Fully Against Clowns

I will say that I am a sucker for a scary game and while my anxiety is high I can go to haunted houses and have a blast. Last time I went, I got spooked so hard I jumped back into a wall and got a gnarly bruise on the back of my arm but I guess I had it coming because I pretended to be fine.

First – Layers of Fear is easily one of my favorite psychological horror games out there. I’ve played through the game a few separate times to get the different endings and every time, no matter how much I played the game, the wife scares the poo out of me. She is always watching, following, and shows up in your face at the most inopportune moments. It is terrifying! Plus, if we can also put the floating doll heads from this game into a room in a hunted house, that would be super creepy.

Second – Slender Man. Admit it, Slender Man is straight up a creepy dude and would make you incredibly uncomfortable to have to deal with. Imagine going through a haunted house, it’s quiet, nothing is happening but you have to make your way down a dark hallway and Slender Man pops up at the end… yeah, no thanks! But this won’t be the only time you’d see him, he would just pop up any time you felt as though you got away from all the other monstrosities chasing you around. So… good luck with that.

Third – The Xenomorph Alien from all the movies, but more specifically, and more recently, from Alien Isolation. I know this is not your traditional scary monster but, dang it, that alien is scary as hell when you’re trying to stealth your way through the game without being noticed. I am notoriously bad at stealth games, so when I tried to play Alien Isolation I came face to face with the alien several times and no matter how many times I did, I never managed to get away. And yes, I said I tried to play because I never finished the game, but that alien left enough of an imprint in my mind for me to pick it as one of the monsters I’d put in a haunted house.

Director, Reviews & Editorials/Resident Scardy Cat

I’m not a fan of scary games nor movies, so when games have that creepy element to them, it really hits me. Ever since I watched Final Destination, I’ve been scared. I think what really got me was that all of the deaths were possible freak accidents. To this day I still never drive behind a semi-truck hauling tree trunks.

First – Omnigul from Destiny fits the type of horror in games that I play. She’s not the easiest Strike boss, and when her blood-curdling screech rings out, you know you and your fireteam are in for a bad time. It used to be that you could hide in a hole, coming out only to take potshots at her and whittle away. Or, if you had a full team of Gjallahorn, you could run in and destroy her quickly. Either way, you had to be very careful and that high pitched, creepy scream gave me shivers every time. I don’t even need to see her in the house to get scared, just play the voice and I’ll NOPE right out.

Second – I didn’t play a ton of We Happy Few myself, but I did watch several streams of it. From what I saw, I’m very happy that I didn’t end up playing it myself. The premise and the environment were one thing, but all the people you come across are just CREEPY! Going through the haunted house and seeing the residents walking around with their creepy faces and slow movements will be enough to set me on edge and give me the willies.

Third – When I encountered the Botchling in The Witcher 3, I was thoroughly disgusted. This was my first foray into the series and played it due to all the hype around it. I performed the tasks asked of me, but it was by far the most unpleasant questline in the entire game for me. In the end, it worked, but if that…thing was brought into a Haunted House, could you imagine it crawling towards you? Deep purple skin, grotesque and misshapen face, missing nose, the whole nine yards. I really could have done without that quest, and certainly, don’t want to see it in the GAW Haunted House.

Lexie Proctor
Reviews and Editorials Writer/Buys Halloween Costumes for her Pets

For me, nothing beats a good psychological horror game. Horror movies don’t scare me whatsoever but there is something about a good horror game that gets my heart pounding. The usual creepy crawlies don’t get to me (I own two tarantulas LOL) but there are some game enemies that you see and immediately want to run the other direction. I’d rather sit in a coffin full of spiders than deal with these beasties IRL.

First – The first time I played The Forest, I about had a heart attack when the cannibals show up. It isn’t that they look scary necessarily, it’s how they operate. They’re an enemy that you can’t really hide from, they stalk you, and you have a hell of a time fighting them. Later on, in the game, you meet far more gruesome looking creatures, but that kind of made me giggle since they looked like weird chicken nuggets. The cannibals, though? I’d hate to run into them in a dark alley… Or a haunted house!

Second – Basically anything from Dead Space would be terrifying to come across. While they didn’t scare me in game, imagine coming across one of the Necromorphs in real life! Terrifying, to say the least. The way they move is almost spider-like, and man they’re tough to take down. There are a million ways these guys could grab you and they utilize every nook and cranny available to them. They’re definitely not something I’d want to be locked in a house with!

Third – There are few things scarier than an enemy you cannot see… The Kaernk from Amnesia: The Dark Descent is something I NEVER want to encounter. Unlike that pansy John, the Gatherers didn’t phase me in the slightest, however, the Kaernk had me panicking. You can’t see where it is besides the splashing of water. Enter the water, and you’re dead. Imagine running into one at a haunted house. You’d have to jump from object to object, doing your best to not touch the water. While the Kaernk is slow moving, it still isn’t something I’d want to mess with.

Now those make for some spooky Haunted Houses!  Which staff house would you want to visit this Halloween? Tell us in the comments below. Have a safe, fun, and terrifying Halloween!!

About The Author

John D
Chief Operating Officer

John Donadio a.k.a. SomeBeardy2Love is the COO here at GAW. He once had a show that he produced, wrote, and co-hosted called the Wide World of Games, you can probably find it on youtube. He is also a co-host on a podcast called Party Up! John is an Action-Adventurer, platformer, RPGer, and FPS kind of gamer. Quick to play any game that has magic, swordplay, and/or stealthy elements. If you can customize a character he is in it for the long haul or just give me your 2D platform and he's a happy camper. What else do you expect from a gamer with a beard and a bow tie tattoo? Seriously.