The world’s largest fighting game tournament, Evo (the Evolution World Championship), has confirmed the dates for next year’s event. Fighting game enthusiasts, mark your calendars: Evo 2018 will be happening on August 3rd-5th, 2018.

Evo is traditionally held towards July. For some, the August event dates might be a surprise. After all, the last time an Evo was held in August was in 2008.

The event will once again return to its traditional venue, the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This year’s game line-up has yet to be revealed. The official announcement for the game line-up usually happens around January or February each year.

In addition to announcing the venue and the date, Evo’s hosts have provided a trailer to get you excited. The trailer brings together some of Evo’s hypest moments and some of the games that you might expect on this year’s main stage.

What games are you looking forward to at this Evo? Are there any new titles you’re hoping to see this year? Let us know!