We here at Gamer Assault Weekly were able to sit down with Mathieu Côté, the Game Director for Dead By Daylight while at New York Comic Con. We talked about the unique design of the killers from the game.  Back when the game was released in 2016, there were no licensed killers in the roster. However, this year we have seen the release of two licensed characters hit the roster. First to come was Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, and just recently got Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  We were able to discuss with him, just what goes into making these characters.

We create characters like the Huntress and the Doctor,” Mathieu said. “If we bring in new [licensed] characters, they need to fit our world. On the one hand, we need to make sure that we integrate them properly and they do not dilute what we are. Also,” he added, “and more importantly, we make sure that we pay respect to these iconic characters and not change them.

This reigns true to how they designed Leatherface and Michael Myers in terms of abilities as well. For Leatherface, it wouldn’t make sense for him to have any sort of stalking ability because he’s loud and a bumbling baby archetype, so they based all of his moves on his Chainsaw and cannibalistic behavior. While on the other hand, with Michael Myers, his obsession ability is based on his movies when you watch him just standing there, watching, in that hollowed eyed mask. Both characters were well received, by the fans of the movies, praising the creators for getting these characters spot on. Players that surprisingly had never heard of them had some issues at first but they eventually came around.

In many cases, online multiplayer games, like Dead By Daylight, when a new character is released they will challenge player’s previous strategies, and they will have to come up with new ones. “We try to break the game every time we release a new killer,” said Côté. “We want to make sure people will have to re-evaluate how they play the game… It has to be a brand new way to play the game.

Dead By Daylight has also announced that there will be a big and fun event coming this Halloween. However, there are no details on what the event will hold. They also said that they are already in the process of making more characters, but could not discloses who is going to be next. Who would you like the newest killer to be? Let us know!

You can purchase Dead By Daylight by Behavior Interactive for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Standard Edition holds the base game, while the Deluxe Edition contains the base game, the official soundtrack, the digital artbook, and two masks for Payday 2.



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