Beloved Square Enix classic JRPG Secret of Mana is getting a remake, and some fresh new footage has been released out of PAX West.

Beyond the switch from 2D to 3D, the game will also feature new voice acting and a rearranged score.

Not everything in this Secret of Mana remake is different, however, as many of the games spell effects will remain the same, with an up in resolution for current-gen hardware.

Certain quarks that are unique to the Secret of Mana itself, like Randi shaking chests before opening them, and harvesting candy as resources, will remain the same as well.

Another interesting tidbit is that the mini-map used in the remaster is in fact a shrunken down version of the original game! Pretty neat!

Secret of Mana releases for PS4, Steam, and PS Vita in February 2018.


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