During PAX West I got the chance to interview Goichi Suda, also known as Suda51, creator of the beloved Travis Touchdown. Being completely new to Travis Touchdown, I wanted to delve into who Travis was, who he is now, and what we’ll see in the upcoming game. It has been seven years since gamers saw him…Will he be the same Travis people knew and loved?

Admittedly, the first experience I had with Travis Touchdown was the trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. After watching the trailer once I realized I had missed just about everything dialogue wise since I was so dazzled by the interesting art style. I went back and watched again, and again, noticing little details. For example, Travis had hung up his signature red jacket and traded it in for a purple one, or his face was more weathered than before. Was there a reason behind this? Of course!

“… There’s a new generation of gamers out there, let me at least introduce myself!”

According to Suda51, he’ll have aged with us. We’ll see an older Travis but he’ll still love wrestling, anime, and crude humor. I jokingly asked if Travis may even grocery shop and pay his taxes nowadays and Suda51 laughed and said maybe, but “He’s still an idiot. In that way, he’s the same old Travis.” I was pretty relieved to hear that because from what I had heard and read, I didn’t want him to change one bit.

In the trailer, we saw Badman, father of the deceased assassin Bad Girl, attack Travis in his trailer. They begin to battle are sucked into the Death Drive Mk-II, a gaming console thought long forgotten. The Death Drive MK-II was never released due to people dying in real life, after dying in-game. It wasn’t too great of a marketing schtick. Go figure! Travis Touchdown must play through six levels using the Death Glove, against enemies like Badman. Don’t worry, he’ll still have his beloved beam katana, Blood Berry!

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will still have the same elements as previous Travis Touchdown games but will have a brand new feel to it. It definitely isn’t “No More Heroes 3”.

“This is a new story for Travis. A real adventure,” said Suda51.

Not only is this a new adventure for Travis, it’s a new adventure for the Nintendo Switch. “The same thing happened for the Wii.” This is a lewd, crude, and rude game that is being released on a generally family friendly console. You’ll be able to recharge your beam katana by doing some less-than-mature hand motions, and Travis still takes a toilet break to save.

After this interview, I walked away extremely excited to play Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and I felt as if I had already met the character. This cat-loving and crude anime geek seems like he could, well, be one of us. I can’t wait to meet my new favorite otaku!

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