I feel as if a lot of the gaming community has a hesitancy with adopting wireless products. Will it die mid game? Will I have latency issues? After talking to John Binay, the Sr. Product Manager, my mind was put at ease. The G603 mouse was the jewel of the booth.

The design of the G603 was simple, sleek, and contours to the palm of your hand. Due to it not having a cord there was absolutely zero drag when moving the mouse around. It glided across the G840 XL mousepad effortlessly. The new HERO sensor is absolutely fabulous with perfect smoothing and no latency.G603

One of the most intriguing things that Logitech has done with these products is the battery functions. The G603 doesn’t have rechargeable batteries like other models, but it does have a battery life of 500 hours with just two AA batteries… That’s a lot of PUBG matches! There is an indicator that lets you know when the battery is running under 15%, so no mouse dying mid match. You can even run it off of just one battery if you prefer more weight on the right or left side of the mouse.

Now for the G613 keyboard. The most impressive feature of it is the 1ms response rate. If I’m playing League of Legends and I ult, I don’t want to hit R and wait. That extra second can mean death. With the G613 I don’t have to worry about it. Each button has an amazing 70 million click life.

Once again 2 AA batteries are used to give it an amazing 18 months battery life. When the battery is low, should you worry? Not a chance. Just like the mouse, when your batteries have reached the end, you’ll get a little warning light.

To build your wireless Logitech set up, it surprisingly won’t cost you an arm and a leg… Just a leg. The G840 mousepad can currently be pre-ordered for $49.99. The G603 mousepad costs a very reasonable $69.99, which is a pretty great price point for such a solid piece of technology. The G613 keyboard is another reasonably priced item at only $149.99.

I’m not sure how they’ll top this at PAX West 2018, but I’m already excited!

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