Day two of the League of Legends 2017 World Championships was a violent one. We saw teams get steamrolled, we saw vicious knock-down drag-outs, and it may as well have been nicknamed Bloody Sunday, as high as some of these kill counts rose. Day two also saw a forced tiebreakers match between Team oNe Esports and Dire Wolves, a rather unpleasant way to end a generally miserable performance for both teams.

Team Wins Losses
Cloud9 4 0
Dire Wolves 1 4
Team WE 4 0
Team oNe Esports 2 3
Gambit Gaming 0 4
Lyon Gaming 1 4

Team oNe Esports v. Cloud9

Team oNe Esports: Shen, Elise, Taliyah, Xayah, Alistar
Cloud9: Cho’Gath, Sejuani, Ryze, Tristana, Rakan

As they entered day two with a 0-2 score, Team oNe Esports starting off their day against a team that had gone 2-0 the day before was ominous, at best. A sword had taken its place over their heads, one that glistened in the studio lights when Cloud9’s Contractz and Jensen both secured a total of four kills within the first five minutes of the game. Team oNe scrambled for the first Infernal Drake of the game at seven minutes, if for anything other than to establish some sort of foothold, but they were still 3k gold behind and Cloud9 was quick to nail a sixth kill literally only seconds later.

At 17 minutes, with six Turrets down, eight player kills, and a 10k gold lead, Cloud9’s relentless, near immaculate gameplay had them knocking on Team oNe’s door to start the process of closing out the game. Cloud9 left no room for Team oNe to ever gain momentum, who only had a single Dragon kill and one destroyed Turret to speak for. Cloud9 claimed the Baron as soon as he spawned in the Rift, and Team oNe was powerless to stop them as they rushed into their base and destroy everything that stood between them and the Nexus. At 22 minutes, Cloud9 took the win and continued to show their dominance in their group as they secured their spot in the Knockout Stage.


Lyon Gaming v. Team WE

Lyon Gaming: Galio, Kha’Zix, Orianna, Xayah, Rakan
Team WE: Maokai, Ezreal, Taliyah, Tristana, Taric

WE’s Condi on Ezreal fell to Jirall for first blood, after escaping from Oddie’s Kha’Zix and thinking he may have been home free. Condi quickly bounced back to bait WhiteLotus in the bottom lane, and attempted to nab Oddie only moments later, but fell to Oddie in the jungle at six minutes after some overconfident harassment. Those two early deaths were enough for Lyon Gaming to start gaining an edge, though they didn’t begin to underestimate their opponents by any means. Team WE started to pull off the throttle, themselves, and the rest of the laning phase eased into the mid-game with little to no excitement.

Team WE took the first Dragon when they slayed the Mountain Drake at 17 minutes, only a beat before they took the first Turret of the game in the bottom lane. Lyon wasn’t far behind in objective claiming, however, taking both the bottom and mid tier one Turrets to reclaim their marginal gold advantage. The first major team fight was expected at 20 minutes when the Baron Nashor spawned, but Lyon Gaming too slow to stop Team WE, who took the Baron for free. No, the team fight was at 21 minutes in the midlane when Lyon attempted to engage Team WE when they were looking to tear down the tier one tower, Genthix’s Rakan falling almost instantly. Team WE took the Turret as Lyon reeled, and managed to tear through the first half of the tier two Tower’s health bar before retreating.

The Infernal Drake went to Team WE only minutes later when they wiped out four of Lyon Gaming’s members, a favorable 4-1 trade. In typical Team WE style, the mid-game was when things began to heat up, and the game was rapidly shifting in their favor as the Chinese audience cheered for the home team. It wasn’t a massive lead, especially on the heels of Cloud9’s dominating shutdown but, when they drew Lyon into a team fight they weren’t prepared for at 29 minutes, baiting them by looking like they might try to take the second Baron of the game, it was clear that Lyon Gaming was too shaky on their legs to make a comeback. Team WE made their first push at 32 minutes to take out the top lane tier three Turret and, even if they failed to take the Inhibitor, they had cracked open Lyon Gaming’s base. 40 minutes in – after some valiant plays from Lyon that earned them the Elder Drake steal, before Team WE took a third Baron – Team WE got the ace and walked away from the game with a third win under their belt.


Cloud9 v. Dire Wolves

Cloud9: Cho’Gath, Ezreal, Syndra, Kalista, Rakan
Dire Wolves: Jarvan IV, Sajuani, Vladimir, Ashe, Alistar

The first five minutes were dismal for Cloud9, who forfeited a 5 to 2 kill lead to Dire Wolves before either team could make any proper progress in the laning phase. For Dire Wolves and their fans, however, it was a soothing balm for the lingering burn from yesterday’s bitter loss. By the time the game had passed the 10 minute mark, Dire Wolves had racked their player kills up to eight and were boasting a slight 1k gold lead. It wasn’t much, in terms of objective numbers, but it was enough to force a normally aggressive Cloud9 to play with a sliver of caution.

However, Cloud9 finally started clawing their way back into the game when they walked out of a team fight with a 1 for 3 trade, after Dire Wolves closed in on one of their Turrets. They were still at a disadvantage, made worse towards 15 minutes when Jensen got caught in a 3 v 1 fight that he had no chances of winning, but it looked like Cloud9 might be evening out the field. A critical team fight at 18 minutes saw Cloud9 starting to gain their momentum when they took out both Chippys and Phantiks in the mid lane, even at the loss of Jensen, and moved in for a tier two Turret. A blink of an eye later, and they successfully took their second Ocean Drake for free.

The game was back in Cloud9’s control when they took out three of Dire Wolves’ players and ran in to take the Baron Nashor (even while Contractz and Smoothie chased shernfire down for a fourth kill, out of spite). With the Baron buff, Cloud9 let their minions destroy all three of the top lane towers to make their first push into Dire Wolves’ base. A catastrophic team fight later for Dire Wolves, a triple kill for Jensen, and Cloud9 secured first place in their group for the Knockout Stage with a fourth win.


Lyon Gaming v. Gambit Gaming

Lyon Gaming: Camille, Jarvan IV, Galio, Kalista, Braum
Gambit Esports: Jax, Gragas, Cassiopeia, Jhin, Alistar

Following six minutes of being subjected to near-constant harassment, Diamondprox took Oddie out as first blood. This was what set the pace of the early game, as both teams hissed and spat at each other while only snagging a couple of one-off kills. Neither were quite capable of establishing any sort of dominance in the Rift, but it was Lyon Gaming to take the first Dragon, an Infernal Drake, at just shy of 13 minutes.

16 minutes in, Gambit Gaming had taken the Rift Herald, and Lyon Gaming had finally destroyed the first Turret of the game. No one could gain an edge over the other until a double kill for Jirall’s Camille was immediately followed up by a Cloud Drake kill and another Turret, and Lyon Gaming was starting to finally pulling ahead in terms of numbers. PvPStejos and Diamondprox fell over and over, practically handing kills to Jirall, who was more than content with roaming the map like he owned it. Yet, Lyon Gaming did not rush the game – they didn’t take objectives before they felt ready.

A vicious team fight at 27 minutes gave Lyon Gaming the ace, largely thanks to WhiteLotus’s outstanding damage output on Kalista, and they moved in to kill Baron Nashor for free. With the Baron buff active, Lyon moved like an out of control snowball to destroy the bottom lane tier three Turret. At 30 minutes, Gambit Gaming was down by 10k gold, five Turret kills, and eight player kills, and their situation was only made worse when Lyon was able to take out Kira and destroy the bottom Inhibitor before moving in for the second Infernal Drake of the game. By this point, it was no doubt that the game belonged to Lyon Gaming. When WhiteLotus scored the pentakill at 35 minutes, without so much as giving the second Baron a moment of thought, Lyon closed out the game.


Team oNe Esports v. Dire Wolves

Team oNe Esports: Galio, Sejuani, Cassiopeia, Tristana, Braum
Dire Wolves:  Fiora, Jarvan IV, Corki, Varus, Morgana

Shernfire took first blood just a smidge over 60 seconds into the game, VVvert getting rooted in place before being 5 v 1’d, and it spelled a disconcerting start to Team oNe Esports’ second match of the day. Like with the previous match, though, things stayed very steadily even. Dire Wolves had definitely proven themselves as the superior laners, though, so, even with Team oNe took the Infernal Drake at 10 minutes, they still had a 2k gold advantage to hold onto. Numbers-wise, Dire Wolves were in a comfortable position, and neither teams were ready to make any unnecessary risks to gain control over the map. Even during a team fight at 14 minutes, when both teams weer attempting to make the same play at once, Dire Wolves’ 1-2 trade didn’t do them any massive favors.

What that team fight did, though, was start pushing the game forward. Once the first team fight had been engaged a second was hot on its heels, where Team oNe took two kills off of their opponents. A third cropped up only a minute later, when Dire Wolves attempted to stop Team oNe from claiming the second Infernal Drake of the game. Even while they were behind in Dragon kills, it’s worth noting that Dire Wolves was still very much ahead in terms of gold – even before they killed the Rift Herald at 18 minutes. Dire Wolves was still playing the numbers game, which was helping them build their Champions in preparation for the end game, but it was difficult to see their gameplay as anything more than mildly complacent.

Team oNe failed to stop Dire Wolves from getting the third and final Infernal Drake of the game, 4LaN doing little more than flailing in the lair when he tried to steal the kill. They were able to put a stop to Dire Wolves’ first attempt at a Baron kill, however, even if they weren’t able to take the objective, themselves. 26 minutes in, Team oNe claimed the Baron, while Dire Wolves lost both Chippys and shernfire in a failed attempt at stopping them.

Put bluntly, this was when Dire Wolves began to completely fall apart, as a team. Even if they were able to take the Cloud Drake for free, Team oNe’s momentum was too much. The first Inhibitor was destroyed at 32 minutes, the second Baron fell at 33 minutes, a second Inhibitor was destroyed at 35 minutes, and the game was over at 37.


Team WE v. Gambit Gaming

Team WE: Rumble, Graves, Leblanc, Vayne, Alistar
Gambit Esports: Cho’Gath, Sejuani, Yasuo, Kog’Maw, Nunu

Team WE went into this game with a bit of an odd team composition, while Gambit was desperate to prove themselves on the international stage. The result? Gambit Gaming taking three kills off of Team WE during the first three minutes. It gave Gambit an early gold advantage, but their momentum was soon brought to a slow stop as Team WE recovered from being put on their heels and started to even out the game by six minutes. It was an awkward, bumbling start for the home team, but it wasn’t long before Zero secured a triple kill that started to turn the game in their favor.

10 minutes into the game, Team WE had a 2k gold advantage and a six kill lead over Gambit for a total of 16 kills between the two teams. They secured the Ocean Drake at 13 minutes, a Cloud Drake on the horizon, while xiya was respawning from trying to chase Kira through the Gambit base.

I’m not going to lie, this was an exceedingly entertaining gam. I felt like I had lost three months of my life, and was actually watching an All-Stars match, with questionable draft choices and borderline hilariously risky plays and reactions. It was also a very bloody game, with Team WE getting an average of one kill per minute for the first 17 minutes of the game (before xiye went on a killing spree and Team WE’s kill count ramped up to 30 by 20 minutes). Meanwhile, Team WE was destroying every Turret in their way, were taking the Baron Nashor for free at just shy of 21 minutes, and were basically steamrolling Gambit like they were looking to bury them under the stage.

At 23 minutes, Team WE won their fourth game of the series with 38 kills and a 17k gold lead.


Team oNe Esports v. Dire Wolves (Part Two)

Team oNe Esports: Camille, Olaf, Aurelion Sol, Tristana, Alistar
Dire Wolves: Rumble, Gragas, Corki, Kalista, Taric

After an almost comedic game, a return to Team oNe v. Dire Wolves felt lackluster – exhausting. It was a tiebreaker that no one really wanted, but we all knew was necessary. Yet, even so, it had a very intriguing start when Team oNe was allowed to pocket pick Olaf and Aurelion Sol, two comfort picks for 4LaN and Marf. At first, it looked like it may have been Team oNe’s golden ticket when it was the Marf’s Aurelion Sol that assisted RedBert spill first blood k1ng’s Kalista at five minutes.

A notable part of Team oNe’s shift in gameplay, what was starting to make them look a little more promising, was their synergy. Team oNe knew when to engage, when to disengage – when to group together, when to scatter back into the Rift to farm. It was, without a doubt, a 180 from the way they had been playing the rest of the tournament, so far. Even if Dire Wolves did get the Infernal Drake, first, oNe was able to get the Rift Herald and were maintaining a marginal numerical advantage – a numerical advantage that only continued to climb when oNe cleared four of Dire Wolves’ members before getting the first Baron kill of the game.

The game soon careened entirely out of control for Dire Wolves, who had claimed a second Infernal Drake for themselves by 19 minutes. They were down 5k gold, five player kills, and three Turret kills, and things were only looking worse for them when Team oNe was on their doorstep at the 22 minute mark. The first tier three Turret fell at 25 minutes, followed by the Inhibitor, and that was it. That one play was what cracked the defense of Dire Wolves’ base, and it was a matter of waiting for Team oNe Esports to destroy their Nexus.

But, man, shout-out to VVvert for nearly solo-killing the Nexus at the end, there. That was hysterical.

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