After two weekends, the Call of Duty: WWII beta has come to a close, and the developers at Sledgehammer Games have outlined some of the changes that their making to the game before it releases in November.

In a blog post, Sledgehammer thanked all those that participated in the beta, noting that “This Beta has definitely helped make the game better, and our backend launch readiness more solid. So our hats off to you for being a key part of the road to launch.”

One of the most contentious areas of the beta surrounds the developers decision to raise the score limit for Team Deathmatch from 75 to 100 after the first beta weekend. “This was a community ask,” Sledgehammer reminds, stating that “We’ve spent nearly 3 years playing, and 75 felt better to us.”

Sledgehammer hopes to lock down a proper score limit before launch, and they are asking for further feedback from fans. A beta survey is available for those who have taken part in the beta to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, so check it out.

Another hot topic among fans was the new Aachen map, which fans complained was too focused on close-quarters combat and didn’t provide enough opportunity to fight at range. “We’re listening to your feedback and may make some map changes as a result,” Sledgehammer says.

There is a glut of information available over at the Call of Duty: WWII Reddit page, and the developers have been pretty outspoken with what they hope to accomplish prior to launch.

Some further topics the team hopes to address include:

  • We’ve addressed Hitmarker feedback for November, and we’re considering flinch adjustments as well. We think you’ll also appreciate that, in response to your feedback, we plan to add the following controller layouts for ship:
    • Bumper Jumper
    • Bumper Jumper Tactical
    • Stick and Move
    • Charlie
    • One-Hand Gunslinger
    • Scout
    • N0M4D L3F7Y
    • Brawler
    • Beast
  • As you know, we added a new mode to the Mosh Pit playlist – Kill Confirmed. For those of you who haven’t yet played, we encourage you to hop in and try it out! Mosh brings all of the fan favorite modes, now including KC. It’s a great boots on the ground game mode, and the match data we’re getting is really helpful. So please be sure to spend some time in Mosh today.
  • The M1928 is getting a lot of love. It is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII, and it’s great to see it in match. We’re glad you are enjoying playing with it. It’s a popular SMG at the studio. Though not the most popular. The Airborne Division prestige unlock weapon is pretty gassed.
  • A lot of you have expressed that you love the main menu music. Thank you so much for noticing all the extra creative touches we’ve added. We had a lot of amazing recording sessions with a phenomenal orchestra at a premier symphony location in Nashville. I know they will be glad to hear about all the positive reactions the music is receiving!
  • We rolled out an update that includes an important fix to some audio timing on weapon fire rates. There is no actual changes to the weapon tuning, but the audio may sound different on certain weapons.


Call of Duty: WWII launches in November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



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