To idol fans worldwide, Tokyo Game Show 2017’s most important announcement came from Bushiroad’s event stage. During the first business day of Tokyo Game Show, Bushiroad kicked things off with a bang with the grand reveal of Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS.

Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS is a brand new Love Live! smartphone title, completely separate from the currently existing Love Live! School Idol Festival. μ’s and Aqours, the franchise’s two main idol groups, will be able to meet together in a fully-voiced original crossover story. We’ll also see impressive new gameplay features, such as 3D concerts to alongside to the rhythm game.

We know that for its diehard fans, Love Live! is love and Love Live! is life. That’s why we spoke with Kogure-san, a member of the second department of Bushiroad’s Digital Content division. He was able to clarify numerous details regarding the launch of this highly-anticipated title.

Introducing Nijigasaki Academy!

In addition to the μ’s and Aqours crossover, new characters from a new school, Nijigasaki Academy, will be introduced into the game. Three of School Idol Festival’s Normal idols were promoted into fully voiced main characters. Six new characters will be joining them as well. Fans outside of Japan may have seen these characters in the “Perfect Dream Project” trailers.

During a special Tokyo Game Show 2017 stage event, Bushiroad unveiled the voice actresses who would play these characters. Fans can now hear special trailers and voice clips for each of the nine girls.

We asked Kogure-san, “Do the characters from Nijigasaki Academy have a unit name for their idol group? Or is it a secret?” Kogure-san gave us a surprising reply: they don’t have one. In fact, the nine of them “do not perform together as a single unit.” Instead, he suggested that like characters from the Idolm@ster series, they perform separately and at times do different collaborations with each other.

Perfect Dream Project isn’t the name for a Nijigasaki Academy idol unit. Kogure-san pointed out that the teasers were meant to point to the announcement of Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The title, “Perfect Dream Project,” was a “codename” for this upcoming smartphone title announcement.

“The Story We Fulfilled with You”

The μ’s and Aqours crossover is like a dream come true for fans of the Love Live series. The game’s fully voiced story mode will be a lovely chance to see how the characters would interact together. During Tokyo Game Show, we saw both voice actresses for the series’ main heroines: Emi Nitta, the voice of Honoka, and Anju Inami, the voice of Chika. While they were MCing the event, you could just feel the adorable BFF love (and ship potential).

We wanted to know what that might mean for the music of this title. Would we see Aqours covering μ’s songs and vice versa? Would we have new songs between both groups? Unfortunately, Kogure-san wasn’t able to say much on the matter.

We also asked about the set list on launch. Since almost all songs from μ’s’ and Aqours’ discography is in School Idol Festival, what could we expect from ALL STARS? Kogure-san suggested we’d “mostly see new songs with some old songs.”

Bushiroad has also teased that ALL STARS will feature new gameplay content besides the rhythm game concert gameplay. However, we’ll need to wait until a later date to learn more. For now, we’re incredibly excited about the story. The story has been described with the slogan, “あなたと叶える物語”“the story we fulfilled with you.”

Waiting for ALL STARS in the West

Lastly, we discussed plans about bringing Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS to the west. Traditionally, School Idol Festival’s content, including updates and cards, tend to be delayed by roughly half a year for the game’s English servers. So, we asked Kogure-san if there was a similar estimate for the English release.

Kogure-san mentioned that so far, Bushiroad hasn’t green lit an English-language release of the game yet. The game has only just been announced, after all.

However, he suggested that overseas fans in America can look forward to Bushiroad events in the future. They will make an appearance at Anime Expo and will possibly decide on attending other American anime conventions in the future.

Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS will release for Android and iOS around a 2018 launch window. Look forward to more announcements in the future!