It’s fast, it’s definitely furious, and it’s metal as hell. New Blood Interactive, the developers of Dusk, released a new awesome trailer revealing what we can expect from this epic title.

DUSK is a retro first-person-shooter that is reminiscent of cult classics from the 64-bit era of gaming. Their selling point, as outlined on the New Blood Interactive Twitter, is, “3 Episodes. 33 Levels. Endless Mayhem.”

The game will feature three modes as well. There will be a full single player campaign, an endless survival mode with in-depth safe-house customization, and an arena multiplayer. The multiplayer will be revealed at Quakecon 2017, so strap in.

Also, if you’re like me and love to jam out to some good metal, then you can check out the song from the trailer here. The game’s music is composed by Andrew Hulshult.

Be sure to add this to your wishlist, because it’s not available for pre-order. However, the game is set to release on Steam in 2017! Are you excited to feel the 90’s nostalgia? Let us know, because I sure am!

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