PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds has been rising through the ranks becoming one of the most popular online mulitplayer games on Steam. Today the game had more players online than Dota 2 with 877,844 players online at the same time, beating Dota 2 with 849,919 players.

While it is impressive that the game was able to surpass the powerhouse that is DOTA 2, this is by no means the most amount of players that have been online at once. In its prime, DOTA 2 had over 1 million players in a single day. But being a newer game, it doesn’t seem that PUBG has reached its prime yet since it’s still in Early Access.

PUBG has sold over 8 million copies since launch and will continue to grow once the Xbox One version becomes available. Sadly, there will not be a PlayStation 4 release for the massive title.

It will be interesting to see what the numbers will be once the full version becomes available. Who knows, it could possibly compete with Overwatch once it gets out of Early Access and the Xbox Version is released.

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