Overwatch‘s Summer Games 2017 event is now live. The best parts of summer festivities come together in a brand new trailer highlighting the new event.

Everybody’s favorite part of a new Overwatch event, the new skins, are highlighted in the trailer. Mercy’s new outfit turns her into the Greek goddess Nike and her healing staff becomes an Olympic torch. Junkrat surprises us with a brand new cricket-themed outfit.

In addition to Olympics and sports-themed outfits, the game’s heroes appear to be rocking summer vacation looks. Soldier: 76 shows his daddy-side with a summer barbecue outfit, while Widowmaker hits the beach in a bikini.

Last year’s unlockables are back once again. If you didn’t have a chance to earn them this year, you can do so now. The old costumes can be picked up at discounted rates; read more here.

There’s tons of unlockables and lots to enjoy this summer. Check out the gallery to see more of the rewards you’ll be able to earn.

Lúcioball is also back. There’s now a competitive playlist just for Lúcioball, and there’s been a few changes you’ll want to know about.

Overwatch‘s Summer Games 2017 event will run from today until August 29th. Best of luck unlocking your favorite outfits, and we hope you enjoy the last weeks of summer with Overwatch.

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