Blizzard will be revamping one of Overwatch‘s initial members, Mercy. Because Mercy’s Resurrect Ultimate ability was so central in team fights, they’ve decided to give her set of abilities a rework.

Mercy can still resurrect fallen team mates, but to a much more limited extent. Resurrect has been turned into a secondary ability that allows her to revive one team mate at a time. This new version of Resurrect will have a long cooldown time between each use, which makes it much more challenging to support your team mates effectively.

Her new Ultimate is a brand new skill called Valkyrie. Valkyrie allows Mercy to fly around the map, use Resurrect with shorter cooldown times, use her healing and damage beams with extended ranges, fire more powerful shots from her Caedus Blaster, and fly over to team mates from farther away.

The changes were explained in a recent Hero Balance Update video from Blizzard. Jeff Kaplan discusses the reworks and the justifications behind each change in detail. For those curious about these reworks, you’ll want to give it a watch.

D.Va has also received a similarly hefty rework. Currently, you’ll be able to observe both of these updates in PTR. They will eventually be implemented into Overwatch‘s live servers after this initial testing period.

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