The Wall Street Journal‘s technology reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, has asked Twitter users from Japan to weigh their opinions into an interesting poll. He asked, “Which series would you say is the national RPG series of Japan?”

The results may come as an interesting surprise to you.

Dragon Quest lead the poll at 51%, while the Pokémon series was in second place at 31%. Final Fantasy only accounted for 9% of the votes and Shin Megami Tensei accounted for even less.

Mochizuki then conducted a second poll so that the first and second place series winners could duke it out. Dragon Quest had a decisive 58% over Pokémon‘s 42%, thus making Dragon Quest the winner. Surprised?

The Dragon Quest series enjoys enduring popularity in Japan. It has been a long time cultural phenomenon since the Famicom and the newly released Dragon Quest XI has been a major success. In comparison, the series hasn’t been able to duplicate that success as closely in the west.

A similar poll was ran for English readers from the west. Mochizuki asked readers to vote for the “best Japan-born still-active RPG franchise.”

Although the Legend of Zelda games aren’t what most think of when you think of a JRPG series, the Legend of Zelda ultimately came out on top. Pokémon came just behind. Mochizuki notes that his western followers do tend to be Nintendo fans, however.

One interesting surprise was how even in the west, Dragon Quest beat Final Fantasy in the polls. This statistic has proven difficult to explain, given that Final Fantasy has enjoyed comparatively stronger reception in the west.

To our readers who are RPG enthusiasts, is there perhaps a better RPG series that represents Japan better than Dragon Quest? In addition, were you disappointed that certain series were missing from Mochizuki’s polls? Let us know.

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