A new Dota 2 trailer shown at the International 7 surprised the crowd with the reveal of two new heroes, who will arrive in the Dueling Fates update. Like the Monkey King trailer last year, the cinematic shows possible move sets for these characters.

One of the heroes introduced is a swashbuckling pangolin, who seems inspired by Puss in Boots and Zorro. He can roll around and brandish flurries of sword strikes.

The other hero is a pink fairy, who wields a dangerous creature inside of her lantern. Data files previously uncovered by Reddit suggest that she may be named “Sylph.” If that were two, two of her abilities would be named Flash Powder and Shadow Realm. Valve has yet to confirm or deny this, though.

Valve has yet to provide a release date for Dueling Fates update. More details about the heroes and their abilities will be released in the future.

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