Overwatch‘s spectator mode is having some minor changes made, which is good news to those who follow the pro scene for the game. The biggest issue from fans is the readability of the match. Currently, it is hard to follow which team is the red or blue team. The colors constantly change in the match every time you change perspective.

In one of the many threads about this problem on the game’s forums, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the team is working on changes when it comes to spectator mode.

“We’re working on a better team coloring system right now,” said Kaplan.

Overwatch's spectator mode

We’ve put significant efforts against this issue. We agree, it’s a top issue and there are a lot of areas for improvement. Our results and progress has been really good and I have faith the team will deliver something that raises the quality of the experience significantly.

When can we see changes?

As of this moment, we have no timeline as to when changes are expected to happen. However, with the Overwatch League starting soon, it would be better to see changes happening sooner rather than later.

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