Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth entry of the Ace Attorney series, is getting a re-release for the Nintendo 3DS this fall. Re-experience Apollo Justice’s beginnings with crisp new visuals and handy features.

As with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, the original sprite visuals have been replaced with smoother, detailed animations. It’s quite the upgrade from the original Nintendo DS graphics.

Apollo Justice‘s re-master has two convenient features that returning players might enjoy. One of the features is the ability to fast-forward text, even if you haven’t already cleared through a section yet.

As for the other, you can now swap between the English localization and Japanese version of the game. If you’re familiar with the series, Capcom puts an exceptional amount of work into tweaking both text and art to fit its English localization. Now that you can swap between both versions freely, fans can read and experience the difference between the “””Los Angeles””” and Japan.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney provides tons of hours of zany courtroom drama. It’s a worthy start to the second Ace Attorney trilogy, which features Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice. So for fans who haven’t played this, the 3DS remake would be an excellent chance for you.

Get ready to bust out your Chords of Steel when Apollo Justice releases on the 3DS eShop this November for $19.99. Check out more screenshots on the Capcom blog here.

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