When the product page for the SNES Classic Edition went live on Walmart’s website, they were gone in an instant- as you’d expect of a Nintendo product meant for collectors. However, Walmart has now cancelled all of those pre-orders.

Apparently, Walmart accidentally made the page available ahead of its intended release date. Deserie Dulaney, the senior director for customer care at Walmart, issued an apology email to customers who pre-ordered the SNES Classic. In it, he wrote, “Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, the Super Nintendo Classic Edition was mistakenly made available last Friday evening ahead of the official release date.”

Those who paid via Paypal or gift card will be refunded. Target didn’t charge those who paid via credit card, since it normally requests for payment upon the actual release date- so luckily, there wasn’t too much trouble for those customers.

Nintendo fans aren’t going to be terribly happy about this turn of events. As an inevitably hard-to-find, understocked item, fans hoped to secure their own SNES Classic through pre-orders. Sadly, all- not just some- pre-orders were cancelled, and many are disappointed.

The SNES Classic will arrive on September 29th. There’s currently no word on when Walmart or other retailers will make pre-orders officially available. If you’re looking for one, we wish you the best of luck and will try to keep you updated about their availability.