He’s big, he’s loud, he’s jacked out of his mind, and now he’s finally in a video game. In Crackdown 3‘s newest short trailer, it is confirmed that Terry Crews will be playing the part of Commander Jaxon.

This game has had a surprising lack of advertisement as Microsoft has kept details about the game very secretive. It took much longer for them to show off some gameplay captures and only sent it to the YouTuber theRadBrad.

Matt Martin went on record of saying how disappointed he is with Microsoft’s lack of advertisement for their own game. “Microsoft’s lack of confidence in its own game shouts louder right now than Terry Crews does,” he said.

Hopefully more and more will be revealed for Crackdown 3 as time goes on because right now the biggest hype the fans have is that Terry Crews is in it, albeit a great addition indeed.

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