Another year, another RTX has come and gone and the Rooster Teeth expo has evolved from what it was those many years ago. The show brings with it a slew of video games, vendors, artists and talented individuals to celebrate internet culture. Take a look at what RTX is in our photo gallery below.

One of the most interesting panels was the one with the Founding Fathers of Rooster Teeth. The most interesting inquiry was, “what RTX is evolving into?” While the show has evolved over the years the answer was “we aren’t sure.” The team hopes that it continues to grow without forcing the evolution. They talked about branching the expo and being a film festival or something more along the idea of Cannes but they decided against it and would allow the expo to keep becoming its own thing and keep on growing and growing. Also, they said you know you have become famous when people start writing erotic fan fiction about you.


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