You’ve finished the campaign and started the optional content for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age but there’s still one problem, leveling. You can start a new game plus after completing the main campaign that levels all your characters to 90 from the start, but lose everything else. Instead, we’ve constructed a power leveling guide that will help you get to level 99 without breaking a sweat.

There are several places to power level but instead, we’re going to focus on the easiest and fasting place. Here are some requirements before starting:

Time Mage with Break
Decoy (Not require but makes things a lot easier)
Level 30+
Cura or anything above

Now head to the Henne Mines and to the Pithead Junction B south east of the Orange Crystal section of the map (Image above). You’ll see a switch for “Gate Switchboard”. Before hitting it have your Gamits set up to:

Time Mage:

Self: MP<10% – Charge
Foe: furthest – Break
Foe: nearest – Break


Self: MP<20% – Charge
Ally: HP<50% – Curaja (or Cura)
Ally: (Strongest defense character currently) – Decoy

Bullet Sponge (Doesn’t have to be a tank but party member with high health)(Decoy target)

Foe: furthest – Steal

Now make sure your party members are disarmed. If anyone is a Monk make sure they have the Bowline Sash equipped to prevent confusion or they’ll kill everyone since they do immense damage with or without a weapon. Everyone else doesn’t matter.

When you hit the switch Slimes will begin to fall indefinitely as long as you don’t kill them using anything but Break. Steal will prevent your Decoy target from being pushed to the corner and preventing more Slimes from spawning. And finally the Time Mage will start spamming Break and the healer will heal when necessary. While the Slimes won’t do much damage to allies level 50+ they cast poison, which doesn’t do a lot of damage but over time can kill. Curing it is a waste, healing is enough.

Your Time Mage and healer’s MP should be fine with Charge. When your healer or Time Mage’s MP reaches less than 10% Charge will restore their MP, using Ethers is costly and finite. Heal before things become dire and although Slimes cause confusion your inflicted allies won’t hurt each other as long as they’re disarmed. Each Slime yields 300-400 experience and 1 LP. In 5 minutes you can earn over 10k experience and double if you own an Embroidered Tippet using The Zodiac’s Age Speed Alteration system. Now go out and earn some easy experience and license points!

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is now available for PlayStation 4.