Pokemon Go is going to add two more legendary birds in a few weeks, this round will be Moltres and Zapdos. According to the Pokemon Go Twitter, Moltres will be available from July 31 – August 7. After that, Zapdos will be available from August 7 – 14.

As convention would have it, you can only catch the legendary element birds by participating in a raid. Earlier this summer, after Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, Pokemon Go also added Lugia and Articuno.

Fans seem to be upset that they’re only available for such a short period of time, while others don’t seem to mind as it is the nature of legendary Pokemon to be hard to catch. This most likely won’t be the last time they will be available, and may just come and go with events.

What do you think? Should they always be available, or should they only show up for limited time only?

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