Blizzard has been talking about implementing a punishment system on Overwatch for a little while now. The system would include harsher penalties on players that try to ruin the game for others. The first wave of this system went out on the competitive side, docking XP and having match timeouts for leavers. But you can expect for more punishment on the way.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed on the game’s forums that Blizzard will be providing more details on the system soon. Overwatch is like many team-based games, and it is incredibly frustrating when people try and throw the match or leave the game early.

Overwatch may have a bigger problem than other team-based games, however. The game attracts a diverse group of players due to the diversity in the heroes the game presents. With such a large amount of people playing, there are bound to be more “bad eggs” in the game’s community.

Doomfist Updates

The most recent PTR patch did not contain any of these updates but did include more on Doomfist. Anyone with access to the PTR can use his cosmetic items, including voice lines, intros, emotes, and more.

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