Overwatch’s next big update came out yesterday, and the biggest thing that came out of that was the next hero, Doomfist. The long-awaited offense hero is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.  

Doomfist had been available for the past few weeks on the PC version’s Public Test Realm. After his initial reveal on the PTR, a patch made some changes to the way he works. The range of his Rocket Punch was reduced, and his Ultimate got a UI indicator to help gauge how effective it will be.


Other Updates

Besides Doomfist, the patch also made some adjustments for a lot of other heroes. Reinhardt’s hammer can be swung quicker, while Zarya’s Ultimate receives an upgrade so no enemies can move while trapped inside. McCree’s Flashbang slows enemies more, Reaper’s Shadow Step sound effect and voice over can’t be heard from a distance (for more stealth), and D.Va has new sound effects and voice lines for her Defense Matrix.

In addition, the update makes some dramatic improvements to the highlights system–you can now manually capture clips and save them. And for all of us who were frustrated about receiving duplicates from Loot Boxes, they have been dramatically reduced. All these changes were previously made on the PTR.

For a complete overview of the new features, check out the full patch notes on Blizzard’s website.

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