Monster Hunter World is shaking up the series’ gameplay formula. Capcom recently published a 23-min gameplay video on YouTube. The English-language Monster Hunter World gameplay complements the more prolific Japanese assets floating around. It is also in HD, quite a first.

The video is quite long, but Arekkz has gone over the video for most of us and has produced a much more concise version. This version summarizes and points out the more important points of Monster Hunter World. The focus is on hunting Anjanath.

Players get a first look at the full Anjanath armour set for both hunter and Palico. The character menu can also be seen in full, showing off how players check out some weapon and armour skills. Weapons seem to provided bonuses now such as damage reduction as seen in the video. It looks as though elements are making a return on weapons in Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter World is set to release in early 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



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