Marvel has started a new virtual reality project for the Oculus VR, titled Marvel Powers United VR. It was revealed during the D3 Expo gaming panel. The trailer for the game starts with actors pretending to play the game and then switches over to the actual gameplay. You can check out the trailer below.

Marvel Powers United VR is being developed jointly by Marvel, Sanzaru, and Oculus Studios. Only three playable characters have been released at this point, but the game supports three players simultaneous co-op. The dog-like Lockjaw revealed towards the end of the trailer probably means some other Inhumans cameos. For now, here are the characters that we know.

  • Hulk- A melee-focused character
  • Rocket Raccoon- A dual-wielding shooter character
  • Captain Marvel-Looks to combine both melee and ranged weapons.

What can we expect in the future?

PR for the game stated that it will have “more than a dozen playable characters ripped from the pages of your favorite comics.” The game does not have a  release date yet, but we will have that information available for you as we learn more.

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