There’s just a month left until Dota 2’s most prestigious event kicks off, The International, and the prize pool has just ticked another milestone off of its list.

Like in past years, The International’s enormous prize pool is largely due to the crowd funding set up by Valve. While Valve itself set a baseline of $1.6 million USD, the rest of the sum is accrued through Battle Pass sales: special in-game features that are only available to those who purchase special passes, and upgrade them through additional purchases. 25% of every sale goes directly to The International’s prize pool, which allows Dota 2 to have the largest pot in esports history, year after year.

Last year’s event boasted a ground-breaking $20,770,460 in prize money, with $9,139,002 going to first-place winners Wings Gaming, so this year’s $20,303,354 still has a little ways to go if The International hopes to continue smashing records. However, given that there are still nearly 40 days left until the deadline for Battle Pass purchases, it is all but guaranteed that 2017’s pool will overtake its predecessor and become the biggest prize pool in competitive gaming.

The International 2017, Dota 2’s equivalent of a world series, will begin August 7th and will run until August 12th. Sixteen teams, including 2015 winners Evil Geniuses and 2016 runner-ups Digital Chaos, will compete in a double-elimination format against fourteen other competitors.

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