It is now the very end of July and a few games have come out that many of us have spent hours playing. So far, there have been plenty of big name AAAs and some fun Indie games to come out for your gaming pleasure.  Usually, we wait to around December where we talk about the best game overall for the year, but why wait? We run the show around here. So we asked some of your favorite staff here at Gamer Assault Weekly, “What is your pick for Game of the Year, you know, so far?” 

John D.
Cheif Operating Officer/Streamer/Professional Monster Killer

While there are a bunch of games that came out that this year already have the critics screaming praise beyond belief, I have yet to play them. I very much want to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, however, I do not have a Wii U or Switch to play it on. Unfortunately, it loses out in my pick then for GotY So Far. However, there has been a game that I have dumped hours into and love everything from character design to story to game mechanics and that is Horizon Zero Dawn. This may not be fair considering I was sweating this game since before launch. It is everything I thought it would be. Aloy is an amazing character. Killing robot dinosaurs has to be the thing every gamer kid dreams of and Horizon Zero Dawn nails it.

Allen S.
Editorials & Reviews Manager/Streamer/No Longer Allowed to Play With Gasoline

Thankfully I have had a chance to play a bunch of newer games so far this year as opposed to the past few years. That makes this decision all the more difficult! The Walking Dead: A New Frontier had a superb story and fantastically put together characters, Outlast 2 while being relatively short was still a pretty solid horror experience. One game, however, managed to rise above every other game for me, Perception. The Deep End Studios has knocked it out of the park with their outstandingly minimalistic gameplay that focuses around a blind woman navigating a house that frequents her nightmares. The big bad monster that attacks protagonist Cassie is implemented perfectly into the game world. While most games make the monster overbearing by having it constantly attack you the monster in Perception didn’t even appear for a few hours, giving me enough time to be pulled into the world’s superb atmosphere. I don’t want to give too much more away, but if you want to know more before you play, check out our review: Perception Review.

Bobby C
Director, Reviews/Editorials/Too Fond of Old Consoles

I’ve played quite a few games already this year, some great and some pretty lackluster. Some that I’d like to consider for Game of the Year, but aren’t fully released yet. When it all boils down, I have to agree with John on this one. I haven’t pulled out my PS4 in quite some time, but after seeing all the potential and the hype around Horizon Zero Dawn, I had to give it a try. Man, am I glad I did. I’ve not really enjoyed a game quite like it in a long time. The adventuring, smooth fighting, crafting, everything about it make such a smooth experience from start to finish. I loved the graphics and the general ambiance of the game and was one I didn’t want to put down. I’d like to see more games explore the growth of a child into a full character like was done with Aloy.

Steve P.
Writer, Reviews/Editorials/Entitled Metroid fan

I haven’t had the most positive gaming experiences in 2017, but Resident Evil 7 sure managed to capture my heart. After being burned badly by Resident Evil 5 and 6, I was mentally prepared to never enjoy another game in the series. I’m always happy to be proven wrong. It just goes to show that a good story and solid mechanics will always stick the landing.

Robert R.
Senior News Editor/Phantom Thief by Night

If you were, unfortunately, tagging along with me during PAX East- like Bobby and Christine, you probably had to listen to me rave about NieR: Automata at some point. Sorry about that, guys. But, now that we’re a good way through the year, I can definitely say that it wasn’t just a honeymoon phase. NieR: Automata has definitely been one of the best games I’ve played this year so far.

NieR: Automata plays like a well-oiled machine: slick and polished. It’s a solid action game, bullet hell, and RPG all at once. However, here’s what ultimately sets it apart from every other Game of the Year contender: I just don’t see myself finding another game like it this year, or for that matter, the next few. NieR: Automata‘s writing, set pieces, and music reach emotional places that no other game dares to go for. As you explore, you’ll find moments of surreal beauty as you explore the game’s world. It’s also not afraid to get uncomfortable and morbid. I mean, we see a disturbing robot “mating ritual” that leads into a weird pseudo-child birth sequence. When it all ends in the game’s Ending [E], you’ll experience a flood of uplifting, motivational feelings- and some happy tears. It’s an emotional ride I’d never forget.

I’m willing to consider multiple games as this year’s Game of the Year. I love how Breath of the Wild can continue to wow and surprise me, and Persona 5‘s six-year development cycle was more than well worth the wait. NieR: Automata‘s individuality, however, makes it my one pick.

Adam S.
Senior News Writer/The New Squid on the Block

While I had a few in mind, many of which were already on this list, some runners ups are definitely Injustice 2.  Injustice 2 gave players another fantastic campaign that could’ve easily been a brand new Justice League movie. Best of all NetherRealms supplemented the multiplayer portion of the game with clans, optional customizable items, and a myriad of competitive online options to choose from. It was everything that made the first game great and more. Also, Little Nightmares, because what Little Nightmares lacked in content it made up in charm and creativity. Journeying through The Maw as Six was an unforgettable adventure that won over gamers. Each new portion of the game introduced new challenges and horrible monsters to escape. It was a short adventure but one that continues to remain in the minds of everyone who played it.

Overall, my vote definitely goes to Horizon Zero Dawn. This is the best reason to buy a PlayStation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn blew expectations. Coming from Guerrilla Games, known for Killzone, this first attempt at a third-person action adventure game succeeded in every category. For all the reasons mentioned above, Horizon Zero Dawn gave us the best (so far) gameplay, story, writing, basically, it’s difficult to find something bad about this game.

Game of the Year so far looks to be Horizon Zero Dawn, however, that doesn’t mean it will get the prize at the end of the year in December so you will have to join us then to find out what truly wins. What were your favorite games of 2017? Let us know in the comments below! Also, check out our article for the most disappointing games of 2017 here.

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John D
Chief Operating Officer

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