Zalera, the Death Seriph has a large list of requirements before you can face him. Fortunately, this guide will help you in filling every requirement, locating the personification of death himself, and defeating him for your own personal use.

Requirements and Location:

First, you must complete the “Dalmasca Desert Bloom” hunt to unlock the “Patient in the Estersane” quest, which you need to complete as well. At the end, you’ll get the “Barheim Key” which unlocks a passage before the Mimic Queen’s room.

Head into the Barheim Passage through the hidden entrance in the south east corner of the Sand-strewn Naze in Estersand. Head to the Great Central Passage, head west, and take the northern passage when the road forks and the door should be open.

In the Zeviah Span take the first set of stairs down and on your left should be an Urn. Go across the bridge and down the walkway on the west until you reach a dead end. There’s a “Precarious Cart” on the edge next to some Bombs, push it to form a path.

You should now be in an area swarming with skeletons and ghosts, take your time and head down towards the save crystal and get ready for a fight.


Zalera, the Death Seriph is a timed battle. You have 5 minutes to defeat him or you’ll be pushed out of the arena and have to start over.

Zalera has 2 phases. In his first phase, undead minions will enter the battlefield since Zalera is immune to damage focus your attention on these enemies. Skeletons will attempt to cast Disable and Blind on your party, have a Gambit set up for dealing with this either with items or White magic.

Once all 4 minions are killed Zalera will start attacking. Zalera has the following abilities:

Kill: One Shot KO
Physical Attack: Can cause Confused
Death: Spell that kills in one shot
Sleepga: Ranged sleeping attack, keep one character out of range. Swap if all party members get hit.
Lv. 2 Sleep: Any party member will a level divisible by 2 will be inflicted with Sleep
Lv. 3 Disable: Any party member will a level divisible by 3 will be inflicted with Disable
Lv. 4 Break: Any party member will a level divisible by 4 will be inflicted with Break
Lv. 5 Reverse: Any party member will a level divisible by 5 will be inflicted with Reverse
Prime Lv. Death: Any party member will a level that is a prime number will be inflicted with Death

Zalera will attempt to repeat phase 1 during the fight, simply kill the minions and resume attacking Zalera.

If you’re level 49 this fight will be much easier. 49 isn’t divisible by 2, 3, 4 or 5 but is divisible by 7. This means most of Zalera’s spells won’t work but those that without level requirements are still fair game.

Once defeated you’ll have Death to fight alongside you.

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