If you’re reading this then you’ve made it to the Esper responsible for the rebellion against the Gods. Ultima is one of the hardest optional bosses in the game and getting to her is much more complicated than Cuchulainn and Chaos combined.


Remember the Great Crystal in Giruvegan? Well, you have to come back here and the section to find Ultima is much more complicated than anything else in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, until you decide to fight Omega Mark XII. There’s no map for The Great Crystal and you must instead rely on location to navigate the labyrinth. Fortunately, I spent hours creating a helpful guide so you can get to Ultima easier.

  1. A Prama Vikaari – Facing Gate Scorpio, take the exit to the right.
  2. Sthaana Scorpio – Touch the stone, then head back down the slope.
  3. A Prama Vikaari – Turn right and go through with Gate Scorpio now gone.
  4. A Vikaari Dhebon – Use the Way Stone.
  5. Dha Vikaari Kabonii – Take the only available exit.
  6. A Vikaari Kanhru Ra – Take either of the two open exits, they both end up in the same place so it doesn’t matter.
  7. Dhebon Hilaam Praa’di or Dhebon Jilaam Pratii’dii – Take the only available exit.
  8. Sthaana Sagittarius – Use the Gate Stone, this will start a 72-second timer. If you don’t make it to the gate in time you’ll have to do it again, retrace your steps to A Vikaari Kanhru Ra and touch Gate Sagittarius I.
  9. A Vikaari Serhu Praa – Touch the Way Stone.
  10. Dha Vikaari Dhebon Praa – Take the path that goes up. If it goes down turn around and take the other path.
  11. Sthaana Gemini – Touch the Gate Stone the Necrophobes will keep spawning. Another timer, this time 144 seconds. Exit through the other opening.
  12. Sirhru Jilaam Praa’dii – Take the only available exit.
  13. Sirhu Jilaam Praa – Take the non-gated exit. If you take the loot you’ll have to return to Sthaana Gemini to start the timer again.
  14. Sirhu Pis Praa – Take the only available exit.
  15. Sirhu Pis Avaa – Touch the gate. This room should have an Ash Wyrm, take any exit.
  16. Sirhru Jilaam Avaapraa or Sirhru Jilaam Avaapratii – Take the only available exit.
  17. A Vikaari Uldobi – Touch the Way Stone.
  18. Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Take the middle path.
  19. Sthaana Libra – Touch the gate stone for another 72-second timer, and head back the way you came.
  20. Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Take the exit to your right.
  21. Uldobi Jilaam Praa’dii – Touch the gate and pass through it.
  22. Uldobi Jilaam Praa – Take the exit on the left.
  23. Sthaana Capricorn – Touch the gate stone for a 180-second countdown, and run back to Dha Vikaari Sirhu – double back, turn right, and keep going straight.
  24. Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Head through the exit opposite you.
  25. Sthaana Virgo – Touch the gate then activate the gate stone for a 180-second timer, then double back.
  26. Daa Vikaari Sirhu – Take the rightmost path.
  27. Sthaana Libra – Touch the rightmost gate.
  28. Uldobi Jilaam Pratt’vaa – Take the only available exit.
  29. Uldobi Jilaam Avaa – Take the rightmost exit.
  30. A Vikaari Kanhbru – Touch the Way Stone.
  31. Dha Vikaari Uldoni – Only one exit.
  32. Kanbhru Pis – SAVE AT THE CRYSTAL! (Seriously, don’t get cocky) Ultima is just ahead, prepare for pain.


Start with Dispel and start attacking. Ultima is weak against Dark damage so use any weapons with Dark damage or Darkja spells. However, limit your MP since you’re going to need it.

During the fight Ultima will restrictions to the battle that include:

MP Drain – Don’t fight it, you’ll waste all your items. Just wait it out, if necessary drop an Elixir.
HP Drain – Like the double Sap from Cuchulainn. Healing should take priority.
Gravity Field – 1.4x Slow, swap anyone using heavy armor out. Haste can counterbalance it but it’s better to swap for less heavy armor.
No Magick/technicks/attack/items – If your first thought was “WTF! What do I do now!?”. You’re not alone. All you can do is switch up your Gambits and wait for it to pass.

At 50% Ultima will use Great Barrier, Dispel it immediately. She’ll start using Holyja on random allies and to counter this swap out Sage Rings, which can be purchased at Old Archades for 22,000, when she’s casting.

Once the Holyja casting stops she’s start with Reverse followed by Curaja. A Gambit to attack members with this status is best and place it above any of your healing Gambits to avoid friendly fire. Ultima will next cast Reflect on the party, Dispel it, swap to item healing items, or us Opal Rings to nullify the status.

At 25% Ultima will gain Final Stand, reducing damage taken and start casting Holyja rapidly but remain loyal to all her previous attacks.

Once dead grab Excalibur from the chest and leave. To exit the Great Crystal head left to the Dha Vikaari Debon Ra from the Save Crystal, use the Way Stone, and the exit should be in front of you. Congratulations, you’ve gained access to Ultima the Esper who started the rebellion against the Gods!

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