Exodus the Judge-Sal was charged with keeping watch over the world and to judging the value of all things. Exodus eventually lost his attachment towards everything after seeing the world fade into nothing. Joining the war against the Gods Exodus must serve anyone who summons it and can be obtained for personal use if you win in a battle to the death.


Exodus can be reached after completing the Phon Coast during the main campaign, however, it’s recommended that players reach level 40 before facing it.

To reach Exodus you’ll need Gysahl Greens that can be purchased from Dyce next to the Gate Crystal in Balfonheim Port or dropped from wild Chocobos. Other vendors sell this item but these are the easiest ways to get them.

Speak to the Learned Man next to the Shrine of the Northwest Wind and keep reassuring him about his theory. When he finishes talking speak to the Caravaner next to a crate, he’ll tell you about a stray Chocobo.

Next, touch the Shrine of South Wind and exit to the north east, you’ll find a Chocobo. Ride him to the south to the Empyrean Way, cross the bridge, and head west into the tall grass. Dismount and take the left path into the Babbling Vale to find the Weathered Rock. Knock it down to activate the Shrine of West Wind and head down across the bridge and activate the Shrine of Northwest Wind. Double back over the fallen rock and enter Skyreach Ridge and head north west to reach Empyrean Seat.


Exodus can be won using attrition by using general equipment found on the Phon Coast. However, using weapons that inflict Slow will make the battle much easier. No items are allowed during this battle, making spells your primary means of healing and reviving, and Exodus can inflict Slow with physical attacks.

Ensure that one ally is on Haste duty for all allies, 2 allies have Cure spells linked to 50% and 40% health since items are disabled healing spells will be prioritized here, and dispelling Exodus’ Reflect. Use Dispel to remove Reflect and cast Bio to inflict Sap. Set a Gambit for Foe Status=Reflect – Dispel. Once Sap is inflicted use Slow before Exodus can cast another Reflect buff.

At 50% health Exodus will cast Unleash which will cause it to rapidly cast Scathe which can cause 3k to 4k damage to everyone caught in the animation. From here cast Shell on everyone to minimize damage. 15% unleash your Quickenings and earn yourself another Esper.

At 15% Exodus will activate Paling which makes him immune to physical damage but still susceptible to magical attacks. When Paling falls unleash your Quickenings and you’ll earn another Esper.

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