Chaos requires a lot of work, which can be done at level 30. However, don’t try to enter this Esper’s domain until level 60.


First, you must complete the “Lost in the Pudding”, “Waterway Hunting”, and “Crime and Punishment” hunts to obtain the Blackened Fragment.

Next head into the Grand Bower in Salikawood to fight the first of many bosses.

King Bomb

When you enter the area you’ll face King Bomb. Wear flame resistant gear and buff your party with everything.

Start by casting Dispel on King Bomb followed by Silence. Once disable focus your attention on the lesser bombs and take them out.

King Bomb will have nothing left but his physical attacks. Keep Silence on King Bomb to prevent it from calling for more Bombs, casting fire spells, and casting Renew. Once defeated you can enter the Nabreus Deadlands.

Nabreus Deadlands

Head into The Muted Scarp until you get to the top of the hill next to a save crystal. Talk to Ma’kleou and ask what he’s doing. Then return to Salikawood and use the Orange Crystal to return to Rabanastre.


Head to Lowtown and head into the resistance that gave you the “Waterway Hunting” hunt details and speak to Deeg inside. Read the letter inside and head into the Garamsythe Waterway. Open all the gates, all the lights are off, and use to clues in the letter to operate the controls.

  1. Close No. 11 (light on)
  2. Close No. 4 (light on)
  3. Open No. 11 (light off)
  4. Close No. 3 (light on)
  5. Open No. 4 (light off)

You’ll hear a sound when done correctly. Head to the southern side of the semi-circle path and grab the twinkling item on the ground, the Dull Fragment.

Head to Old Dalan’s house and speak to Roh’kenmou then Filo in the south east part of Lowtown. She’s in a short alley north of Dalan’s house.

Next head to the Southern Plaza in Rabanastre and speak to the Curious Woman near the fountain. Now head to Muthru Bazaar and speak to a merchant just south of the Clan Provisioner.

The Imperial you’re looking for now is drinking in a corner of Yugri’s Magicks. After speaking to him head to Lowtown and talk to Kytes near Warehouse #5 next to the Garamsythe Waterway. Head back to Filo and agree to go with her and speak with the Imperial inside the Magick shop to obtain the Grimy Fragment. Return to Old Dalan’s house and give it to Roh’kenmou.


Head to Archades and enter Charlotte’s Magick. At the top of the stairs speak to Roh’kenmou and ask about the Moonsilver Medallion. Head into the Alley of Muted Sighs in Old Archades. In the north east, you’ll find a Proper Gent, speak to him and you’ll get the Moonsilver Medallion. Head back to Roh’kenmou.

Nabreus Deadlands

Head to the Muted Scarp in the Deadlands and speak to Ma’kleou. Head north east and into Hope’s Reach. From here the entire map is a circle, keep circling until you get to The Slumbermead Keep. In the western part of the map there’s an area you’ll need to cross. West from the exit that takes you to a hostile Orange Crystal is an area not shown on the map. Run across the border till you have the right spot and head into the area where you’ll find the acolytes.

Head back to the Slumbermead and north towards the Lifeless Strand and into the Fields of the Fallen Lord. Here you’ll find the entrance to Necrohol of Nabudis.

Necrohol of Nabudis

Littered with traps Libra and Float are important here. Also, there are plenty of powerful enemies here. Helvinek especially can teleport to your party at any time and while rare it can devastate allies caught off guard.

Head south and follow the ruins until you reach the Hall of the Ivory Covenant. Head South and when halfway down examine the door to the east, place the medallion into it and prepare for a fight.


Don’t let its size fool you, Fury is a brute. Dispel is a must at all times, keep one ally on that job. If Fury uses Bacchus Wine immediately Dispel it since it can KO allies with a couple of hits.

When Fury’s HP reaches critical he’ll try to use more wine to keep berserk. Dispel, heal when needed, and chip away at its health down.

Humbaba Mistant

Next head back into the previous hall and resume heading south. Take the stars to Cloister of the Highborn and head down the hallway till you find a door halfway. This isn’t the door you want, it’s in the next area the Cloister of Distant Song. Head down another corridor till you find another door similar to Fury’s and get ready for another fight.

Humbaba will shift between physical and dark attacks if you own a Demon Shield use it. Dispel Humbaba’s protect every time he cast it and keep Protect up on your party. Humbaba’s Tremblor attack can cause 1k damage and inflict Immobilize or Disable but Float can make this attack useless. If you don’t have float keep protect on your party.

Humbaba is weak to Holy if you can spare the MP. Humbaba doesn’t change his tactics when in HP Critical so keep attack and healing till he’s dead. Once done you’ll have completed everything to face Chaos and now own the Medallion of Might.

Chaos, Walker of the Wheel

Head back into the Cloister of the Highborn and exit into the door you passed to get to Humbaba’s room.

Chaos removes the Attack command. This means this will be a strictly magic and techniques fight. Equip everyone with Rose Corsage, which prevents Silence and can be purchased at Dalmasca Westersand, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, and Tomb of Raithwall. If possible equip your main healer with a shield and have Lure on your tank to ensure all damage is focused on the Tank.

Dispel Chaos right away and start focusing on the Chaosjets since they can cast Silence and heal Chaos. Earth is weak to wind, air is weak to earth, fire is weak to water, and water is weak to fire. If you have Scathe it’ll destroy any one of them easily, Bio and Souleater also works.

Once all the Chaosjets are dead switch to Bowline Sashes, which can be purchased in Old Archades and prevent’s Confusion, and focus on Chaos. Chaos uses air elemental attacks and physical attacks. He’ll also drain your MP using Fearga so include the Gambit “Self: MP Less than 10% – Ether”. Casting Slow on Chaos will reduce the chances of this but having Ethers and Charge is ideal.

In HP Critical Chaos will Enrage and increase physical damage. At this point use your Quickenings and gain control of another Esper.

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