Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has a lot of optional content and some of these quests include hunting and obtaining hidden Espers. One of the earliest Espers you can obtain is Adrammelech, the Wroth.

Location and Specs:

Adrammelech is a Lightning-elemental Esper and one of the weakest. It’s located in the Zertinan Caverns that can be accessed through the Dalmasca Westersand, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, and the Ozmone Plain.

Adrammelech absorbs Lightning, weak to Ice, and nullifies all other elemental damage. It’s a flying opponent, meaning only ranged weapons will work, and Shambling Corpses will continuously spawn throughout the cavern the battle takes place.

Adrammelech’s Thundaja spell can be deadly without Shell or without Thunder Resistant armor. Adrammelech can also use Bleed at a higher success rate and will use Thundaja when health is critical.


A party of 30+ is recommended and high-level players can defeat it using Quickenings alone.

When entering the fight buff all characters, especially your tank, with Shell. Use Range characters that can equip bows, guns, poles, and spears. If you have a Rubber Suit from Cerobi Steppe or Great Crystal it will make this fight a lot easier since it makes the player using this item immune to Lightning damage.

Throughout the battle, players will have to content with Shambling Corpses who can inflict Sap. You can target them using White Magick such as Cure, Cura, and anything above.

One character should always be attacking Adrammelech. Use a Tank with Lure, which can be obtained from the Clan Store, to focus all attention on the Tank. Use a long-range attacker to commit on Adrammelech. The healer should focus on keeping the tank alive while the long-range DPS attacks and supplies items when necessary.

If possible use Ice Magick such as Blizzard and if you can equip the Glacial Staff and Faith Status it’ll double the damage.

Don’t take too long, if the party dedicates too much time healing and buffing Adrammelech will cast Perfect Defense that will nullify all damage.

Once defeated you’ll gain access to the most powerful Lightning-elemental Esper in the game.

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