Bandai Namco has revealed high-quality screenshots of Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s latest fighters to join the roster, Piccolo and Krillin. These two fighters provide some well-needed variety to the game’s overall line-up, offering some very unique special moves and abilities.

Piccolo is considered to be among the more technically challenging characters to play. He’s got a variety of moves that are focused on breaking your opponent’s guard. In addition, you can stretch his arms and grab characters from a distance.

Piccolo’s signature, the Special Beam Cannon, is one of his special moves in this game. By charging the attack, you can make his beams even stronger.

As for Krillin, he doesn’t have much reach and power. It’s just as you’d expect from a guy known for losing most of his fights. However, Krillin compensates with a variety of techniques.

Krillin can use Kamehamehas or his signature ability, the Destructo Disc. The Destructo Disc is a particularly powerful move that helps you break the opponent’s guard easily. Krillin can also make use of afterimage illusions, which lead into some particularly good opportunities to create mix-ups.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is set to release early in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Beta sign-ups for Dragon Ball FighterZ will begin on July 26.