Disney XP, Disney XD’s programming block dedicated to gaming, will be hosting two original television series from ESL.

The first show, ESL Brawlers, will feature Street Fighter V players such as Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley and Evo 2017 runner-up Victor “Punk” Woodley as they compete in first-to-ten matches each week. The show will run for seven episodes, starting July 20th, with the seventh episode being a special Vainglory event that will combine “community influencers with professional Vainglory players” in 3 v 3 matches.

The second program, ESL Speedrunners, will take an entirely different approach. Slated to premiere in August, ESL boasts that Speedrunners will bring the “best speedrunners from around the world” together to complete each circuit in the shortest amount of time in a race against the clock. A variety of titles will be played, but no specifics regarding games nor season length were provided.

“Creating original programming is one of ESL’s top priorities and we are thrilled to partner with Disney’s D|XP to create engaging content for their audience,” said Nik Adams, Senior Vice President of Global Media Rights and Distribution, ESL, “We’ve produced really exciting, unique content for D|XP to capture a variety of gaming elements across the cultural landscape, and we look forward to bringing this programming to the community.”

This is just another monumental achievement in a string of recent news stories regarding Disney’s interest in esports. Just last night, Disney featured the 2017 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Evo 2017 finals live on Disney XD. And, this past Wednesday, it was revealed that Disney would be including aXiomatic, the investment group currently holding ownership of Team Liquid, in their 2017 Accelerator program, meaning aXiomatic will be receiving equity investments from Disney –  as well as coaching for the company’s executives. Before that, Riot Games signed a $300 million streaming deal with BAMtech, which is also owned by Disney.

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