Seeking a unique and in-depth co-op adventure? EA is bringing a new entry to the fold, with their EA Original, comes A Way Out. With opportunities to escape from prison by working together, explore and fight cops, and explore an expansive world while learning the history and what went on in their lives.

A Way Out comes from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Josef Fares. He is also the Writer and Director of this new IP. Fares is seeking to “push boundaries on telling stories without compromising gameplay”. Fares stated that he tried to find the game that had unique personalities and goals, but without the typical co-op drop in/drop out experience. His team has designed A Way Out for Split Screen Co-Op ONLY. Fares did state that those without a co-op partner in person will be able to play online, but was sure to emphasize that it is 100% tailored for couch co-0p. With exploration, action, and driving, Fares made a bold guarantee that A Way Out will never get old.

Take a look below at this story is driven couch co-op game. Start the game as Vincent and Leo in prison, with unique features being brought in to make this special. For example, Leo can be controlled while Vincent is in a cutscene, and have the ability to complete tasks with either character and work together. Each piece you complete is unique to each scene, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

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