Ubisoft revealed what looks like an eerie new VR venture today, during its E3 2017 briefing. In its debut trailer, Transference poses audiences with a strange notion: Uploading brain data. Lord of the Rings star and Creative Director of SpectreVision Elijah Wood digs even deeper, broaching the idea of bringing an individual’s experiences — trauma, love, fear — into the digital space, for you to explore. Just throw on those VR headsets. Described as a psychological thriller, Transference looks like an unsettling new experience for brave VR owners. Here’s to hoping we see some more of it soon. Check out the trailer, below. Just remember: It can’t hurt you.

Transference could end up being a little Being John Malkovich, but I’m going to bet it’s a bit more The Evil Within. We’ll have to wait until Spring 2018 to find out. Keep up with us here at Gamer Assault Weekly for more E3 news and updates.