Best Buy has recently launched a new sale on the Oculus Rift headset. The retailer is currently offering a nice deal with the headset, including the Touch controllers and a $150 gift card to Best Buy. The entire package is $600, which is pretty neat considering the headset itself is $500 and the Touch controllers are $100. The deal is great if you are wanting to get more stuff from Best Buy.

The price of the Rift was dropped to $500, and the Touch controllers to $100 in March. Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin said this of the price drop: “We think that this is a massive difference. It’s very clear the reason we’ve sold 5 million Gear VRs is because of its price. It’s very clear that the reasons certain console VR is doing well is because of its price.”

Where to buy and price comparison

Check out the Best Buy website for more information and to purchase. The Rift’s price point (with the controllers) is below that of the HTC Vive, which retails for $800. However, it is still above the PlayStation VR, which retails at $400.

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