The streets of London are going to be a grizzly place if Life is Strange developer DontNod Entertainment has anything to do with it. The studio released a new trailer today for Vampyr, its upcoming RPG about everyone’s favorite blood-sucking monsters, and it’s a gory affair.

Released in anticipation of E3 2017, the trailer is a roaming look through the dark and violent alleyways of London in 1918, which seem to have become battlegrounds between the living, the dead and the all-around grotesque. Gameplay for Vampyr has been scarce, but from the looks of this trailer, gamers can expect to encounter everything from well-armed vampire-hunters, to teleporting rogues, to otherworldly evil beings. Check out the trailer, below:

Vampyr will drop players into a London ravaged by the Spanish flu epidemic. Players will take the role of respected physician Jonathan Reid, who awakens in a mass grave to find that he himself has become a vampire. It’s a serious tone change for DontNod, a studio that has earned big points with gamers for their narrative-heavy Life is Strange series. Fingers crossed that they can bring those same storytelling chops to this horror tale.

Vampyr releases November 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Hopefully, we’ll catch see some more of the title at E3, which runs June 15th to June 17th. Keep it here at Gamer Assault Weekly for up-to-date coverage throughout the conference!

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