The Heroes Of The Storm summer event has officially kicked off today, June 27th. This is the game’s first ever summer event. The Sun’s Out, Guns Out event features summer-themed items and other content available to the multiplayer online battle arena.

The event lasts till the week of July 24th, and players will be able to get summer themed skins for Tracer, Stitches, and Tychus, as well as surfboard mounts. For the duration of the event, all loot chests will have the chance to drop event skins, sprays, portraits and mounts. Some of the skins and mounts that players can get include:

  • Bikini Stitches
  • Lifeguard Stitches
  • Power Briefs Tychus
  • Power Drench Tychus
  • Slip N’ Stream Tracer

Each of those skins is available in different variations. You can check out the full list of skins and mounts on the Blizzard website.

With this event, Blizzard is also including a new Brawl called Pull Party. Each player will enter the Battle as Stitches, with the idea of the game to pull opposing players into the pool using Stitches’ Hook.Here, the Hook’s cooldown has been reduced and the reach has been extended. The Brawl doesn’t offer any XP or talents, however.


Blizzard has announced that it will be running a sweepstakes during the event. In addition to 100,000 weekly giveaways, a Mythic Grand Prize winner will receive an all-expense paid trip for two to Blizzcon 2017. The other giveaways range from common loot crates to a top of the line PC and peripherals.

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