Everyone’s favorite food-loving chocobo rider is right around the corner with his own DLC for Final Fantasy XV. Prompto is searching for the true meaning of his existence, and he has taken it upon himself to do so by sneaking around and taking down guards in a very Metal Gear-style fashion. It’s a dramatic shift in mood for Prompto, who is Final Fantasy XV‘s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed jokester, and it will be available tomorrow, June 27.

The lastest chapter of the Final Fantasy XV story is quite large, requiring a total of 8.65 GB of free space on your hard drive, so make sure you have enough room on your console before trying to download it. And, if you’re itching to even get a glimpse of what you will experience while you’re waiting, then take the time to check out the 15-minute gameplay video below. Obviously, there are spoilers but, unless you speak Japanese, the story shouldn’t be ruined too much.

Are you excited to see how Prompto fares on his own? I definitely know a few Prompto fans that will scream when they see their favorite blonde boy in action.

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