Final Fantasy XV‘s Episode Prompto DLC is out now, and players have already discovered the trailer waiting at the end of its story. Just as Episode Gladiolus ended with a teaser for Episode Prompto, Episode Prompto hints at what’s to come in Final Fantasy XV‘s next character vignette, Episode Ignis. And boy, it seems like Ignis is in quite the predicament during this upcoming storyline.

A 50-second teaser reveals a scene where Ignis has been captured by Niflheim Magitek soldiers and the villainous Ardyn Izunia himself. It’s dark, dramatic, and intense. If you’ve beaten the game, you might anticipate when and where this might exactly take place. But for now, we’ll leave it for you to guess.

Episode Gladiolus featured hack-n-slash gameplay that made use of Gladio’s strong, brawny sword attacks, while Episode Prompto featured third-person shooter and stealth gameplay. So far, we’re not sure what to expect from Episode Ignis. But if it’s anything like the other DLC campaigns, you can expect it to be unique from Noctis’s gameplay in the main Final Fantasy XV story.

Episode Ignis will be released around December 2017. More Final Fantasy XV DLC is on the way as well; a co-op focused expansion is in the works, and Square Enix has also surveyed players about what they’d like to see from future content updates.

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