Once a PC-exclusive, Xaviant Games’ The Culling hits Xbox One consoles today. A little bit Hunger Games, a little bit Battle Royale, The Culling drops players into a deadly game show where contestants must scavenge, sneak and murder their way to victory. All of this happens within 25 minutes, and there’s no respawning for those unlucky enough to die. With everything from spears to sledgehammers at players’ disposal, things are probably going to get messy.

The Culling first hit PC and Linux platforms in 2016 as an early access title. Similarly, Xbox players will access the title as part of the Game Preview program, effectively Microsoft’s version of early access. In an announcement today on the Xbox blog, Brian Sharon, communications manager for Xaviant Games, wrote, “As developers, there’s nothing more valuable than constructive feedback. Through [the Game Preview program], we’re offering the incredible opportunity to work with you, the player, to help shape the future of The Culling.”

The Culling is available now on the Xbox One marketplace for $25.  

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