Atari revealed its Ataribox project at E3 this year after 30 years of absence in the console scene. Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais, confirmed to GamesBeat that the company is definitely working on the project.

Apparently, this product has been “years in the making,” according to Chesnais. From the video at E3, it looks like this new console will feature wood grain paneling reminiscent of their original console. Chesnais also mentions that the console will run on PC-based hardware. Apart from this, no other details regarding the project was given.

In 2013, the company went bankrupt before Chesnais decided to acquire it. Since then, Atari has been slowly regaining it’s foot back in the business by making profits through mobile game development. Nostalgia has been all the rage these days, and Nintendo proved this through the Nintendo Classic last December.  Hopefully, this new console will also give Atari the boost to skyrocket in sales and fanbase.

Any Atari fans dying of excitement?

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