SPACE! CATS! BURRITOS! LASERS! EXPLOSIONS! All of these things make Spacecats with Lasers: The Outerspace a cute two-stick shooter that is a fun distraction from your normal gaming routine. Lets get into the fur flying, whisker curling details shall we?

The Story

This game is one heck of a meme. You play as a cat stuck in a space prison, that is run by rats. The only way out is to fight your way out of the rats’ space arena… But the waves are unlimited and get increasingly more difficult with each round. If you think you have the claws to pull yourself out, guess again!

The Gameplay

Your little cat character shoots out lasers at its foes, zooming left and right attempting to dodge the incoming rats’ projectiles. Spacecat is armed with their own laser and bubble shield that offers you an extra bit of defense. You are given a small dash to use if enemy weapons shoot too close for comfort.

For example, there are smaller little red rats that appear when more then two enemies are on the playing field. This small rat lends his power to the others and creates a bubble shield much like the one your character has. You can attempt to fight the rats with their power shields up, but you wont get too far. In order to take down those rats you must first take down the smaller red rat.

The other rats have a basic but still somewhat challenging kit. There are rats with rapid fire, and some that shoot out locked on projectile missiles. One takes a page from your book and has a small dash, but almost all of them move rather slowly and are simple to maneuver around.

Occasionally when an enemy dies they drop a small box. When the box is shot open, it gives you a perk that lasts for a small amount of time. Some of these perks include unlimited ammo, piercing lasers, and rapid fire. I found myself pretty excited about unlimited ammo and piercing bullets, since reloading was a HUGE issue and enemies would often stack up. If you’re lucky enough to get an attack speed boost with it, you’re golden.

With every wave you complete, you may choose one of four upgrades for your ship. Each of these upgrades has a tier and gets better with every point added to it. For example, if I choose the perk that reduces my shield recharge time to nine seconds, the next time a point is put on that upgrade my shield will take slightly less time.

Though you start out as a kitty flying on a piece of cheese, your cat can be customized! Every time you attempt to beat the evil rats and their King, you receive credits that can be spent choosing new items for your cat. The credits buy you cat color changes, hats, different spaceships, and different types of hats. If your dream is to be a gray tabby cat with a monocle, flying on a space burrito, this game delivers.

The Verdict

The look of Spacecats with Lasers: The Outerspace perfectly matches the title. With a catchy soundtrack and colorful retro space vibes, this game is a ton of fun… For about five minutes. I usually died at wave five due to the sheer amount of enemies and my slow reload time. I’d then start again and do the same thing over again. The rats ramped up the same way every time so there wasn’t any wave variation whatsoever. The customization was cute, but limited. I did appreciate that it was fairly easy to buy new things for your cat. My first purchase? A burrito ship.

From the looks of their original Steam Greenlight page, Spacecats was supposed to be a pvp stick shooter and I so wish they had done that. I could have a few friends pick up the game and we could have battled occasionally.

For only $2.99, though, Spacecats with Lasers: The Outerspace is a fun little game to spend 30 minutes on. If you’re really into stick shooters you’ll most likely be more enthralled than me, but for the average user? It isn’t a bad way to spend $3, but with zero replay value, this might not be something to pick up any time soon. Hopefully the developers will crank out some more content for this fun little game! MOAR SPACE! MORE CATS! MOAR FLYING PURRITOS!

Spacecats with Lasers: The Outerspace Review
The Good
  • Upbeat feel
  • Catch soundtrack
  • Easy controls
The Bad
  • Nonexistent replay value
7Overall Score
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