Tekken 7, upcoming multi-platform fighting game is going to be released with a PS4 Pro bundle in Europe.

New and improved 1TB PS4 will be bundled with a copy of Tekken 7, according to PlayStation France. Not only that, but it will also be available in the Slim (500GB) version. A price of £250 for the Slim was listed on UK retailer Game. The price of the Pro version, however, is still unknown.

In the US, the PS4 Pro launched in September. No official bundles have come out yet, although some retailers seem to have made their own. But it is yet to be known whether the Tekken 7 bundle will be made available in US stores and other markets.

Tekken 7 launches on the 2nd of June for the PS4. Xbox One and PC. PS4 is available at £232 or $299.99, PS4 Pro for £308 or $399.99 in stores.


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