Now that summer’s approaching, Nintendo has unveiled the first of the two Breath of the Wild DLC expansions that are part of the game’s Expansion Pass. This summer, get ready to test your skills and challenge the “Master Trials.”

The Master Trials introduces The Trial of the Sword, previously referred to as the Cave of Trials, into the large world of Hyrule. The Trial of the Sword is an optional challenge dungeon similar to the Cave of Ordeals or the Savage Labyrinth in prior Zelda games. It’s a massive 45-room dungeon that starts off without any armor or weapons, and you’ll defeat tons of enemies and bosses to proceed.

If you decide to undertake the Trial of the Sword and succeed, you’ll awaken the true power of the Master Sword. This will allow you permanently have the Master Sword in its powered-up, glowing form.

The Master Trials adds another feature that will challenge players: Hard mode. Nintendo teases that even at the beginning of the game’s Hard mode, you’ll find unexpected challenges. “You won’t find any Red Bokoblins in this quest,” they teased. Enemies aren’t just tougher; they’re also going to regenerate health and detect the player more easily. You’ll additionally encounter “new ranks of enemies that you’ve never seen before.”

Lastly, the game announced a new feature and some new equipment. The Master Trials adds Heroes’ Path, a feature that will let you take a look at your progress on the map over the past 200 hours. Essentially, this feature lets you figure out where you have and haven’t been on the map. Thankfully, this feature also applies retroactively so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having it.

The expansion allows you to find a whole bunch of new treasures can be found in Hyrule. One item, the Travel Medallion, allows you to create one temporary travel point on the map to fast travel to. Another, the Korok mask, will help you detect Koroks hidden in the game’s world. There’s also eight goofy DLC costumes hidden throughout the game too. These let you dress up in outfits inspired by Tingle, Midna, Majora’s Mask, and a Phantom.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Master Trials expansion will arrive this summer. The next update, which delivers an additional dungeon with its own storyline, will arrive Holiday 2017.