When CEO Dreamland was announced by CEO’s Alex Jebailey in November, it felt like I had been personally handed the birthday present I hadn’t even realized I wanted. An all-Smash tournament run by one of the biggest FGC event coordinators in the country, taking place just a couple of hours from where I lived? You bet I was excited. And so was the rest of the Smash community.

Unfortunately, it seems that the online hype for Dreamland didn’t translate to cut and dried success for Jebailey and his team. In a lengthy explanation posted to Facebook, the FGC figure made it clear that CEO Dreamland fell far beyond expectations – so much so that it put the organization at a $20,000 USD loss thanks to a mere 1,100 attendees showing up.

“Overall everyone really seemed to enjoy the event which made me and the staff very happy,” wrote Jebailey, “It was also a first time experience for a few people that has them wanting to come out to more events in the future. Financially it was sadly far from a success…”

Jebailey continued to outline some of the costs that a tournament must bear, including renting space at the Wyndham where the event was held, hotel rooms for staff, stream production, and so on. In order to come out of the event with some form of profit, Jebailey claimed that approximately 2,000 fans would need to attend the event (for reference, CEO 2015 had over 4,000 attendees).

“… At the scale I ran the event about 2,000 attendees would be needed to make it a success. All in all for the sake of transparency Dreamland ended up at about a $20,000 loss.”

As for why he felt attendance was so low, Jebailey theorizes that the costs of flights into Florida were too expensive thanks to major airlines taking advantage of both Easter weekend and Star Wars Celebration. It was an obstacle that they had predicted but, due to the rise in hotel costs at the Wyndham, there was no possible way for CEO to host Dreamland earlier in the year. Any later, and it would be competing against CEO 2017 for attendees. In short, they were put between a rock and a hard place.

As a result, Jebailey feels that it may be too difficult for CEO to run against Dreamland event.

“Currently CEO likely shouldn’t throw another Dreamland leading into CEO Daytona which I’m planning to feature Smash at with everything else,” said the organizer, “Daytona is set to be a revolutionary experience for CEO and the need to produce it successfully makes running any at-loss ventures in 2018 a bad idea.”

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