If you’re wondering when Splatoon 2 arrives this summer, wait no further. Nintendo has given Splatoon 2 a release date. Splatoon 2 will arrive on July 21st this summer alongside three new Amiibo figures.

Alongside the release date announcement, Nintendo also dropped information about a brand new mode that will be featured in this sequel. Salmon Run, a brand new four player co-op mode, joins Splatoon‘s line-up of various game types.

Salmon Run functions as Splatoon‘s take on a survival/horde game mode. A team of four Inklings travel to a man-made island to harvest Power Eggs, the orange orb currency you’ll recognize from the first game’s single-player campaign, for Grizzco Industries. The goal is to fend off swarms of salmon enemies and collect Power Eggs from defeating them.

The trailer showcases a few different enemy types. There’s the smaller chum enemies, and then there’s the tougher, larger Steelhead- a large salmon decked out in armor. Some enemies will drop Golden Eggs, which you must deposit in a specific collection point on the map.

This mode also lets you revive your allies. When your allies fall in battle, they leave behind their life vest. You can spray ink on the vest, and your allies will come back to life. It’s a key tactic to being able to clear this mode. The Nintendo Direct trailer suggests that if you do manage to clear it, you will earn special rewards.

We also got brief insight for how Amiibo characters will function in Splatoon 2. You can save your custom loadouts of weapons and equipment to your Amiibo, which will allow you to keep your loadout when you play on a friend’s console. Scanning an Amiibo will also let you take pictures with them or earn special gear as gifts. An alternate variant of the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid Amiibo will launch with the game.

Expect to hear more reveals until Splatoon 2‘s July 21 launch date for the Nintendo Switch. Until next time, stay fresh!