The once chart-topping mobile game, Pokémon Gohas reportedly taken a huge hit in the number of daily users.

Pokémon Go was a phenomenon, to say the least, with its familiar characters and augmented reality that really made you feel like you were the very best like no one ever was, it was an instant hit and fan favorite worldwide.

The days of training to become a Pokémon master have come to an end for a lot of players, though. Within the first month of its release, Pokémon Go lost over 15 million users. That number continues to grow as active player rates continue to dwindle according to comScore. Their report shows that daily users have dropped by 23 million from a once 28 million active users down to a mere 5 million.



While we were all captivated by the game, many did not have the time to continue daily use of the app. What do you think happened that made the game drop 80% of its users since release? Let us know in the comments below.

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